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About Image Foundry

Here at Image Foundry, we believe in creating stunning computer generated visuals that spark the right response. We define ourselves by our uniquely demanding creative process, which has helped to deliver more than £12 billion of sales for clients around the world.

From architectural visualisations to 3D interior visuals, photomontages to 3D animation, our digital images speak volumes. It's not just about CGI; it's about bringing your customer's imagination to life.

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Trusted By Major Brands


The communication with Image Foundry was great – they asked a lot of questions which meant we could sort any open points fast. I was very happy with the final rendering and the whole job was completed quickly from beginning to end – I’ve already recommended them to my colleague. For me it was important that they stayed connected throughout the process to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted.

Bettina Starck

Marketing Services


We have a great relationship with Image Foundry: their moodboards are helpful and there is never a long-winded process to get to the final product. We recently conducted a refresh of our Carron Phoenix brand and Image Foundry’s CGIs really helped to freshen up the brand. As consumers, we need to see a product before we purchase it, and the feedback from the sales team and their customers has been fantastic.

Larah Kuziw

Brand Executive


Image Foundry all pulled out all the stops to get what we needed, they delivered on time and we were constantly happy with the final result. We found that their added value came from their ability to help us bring new products to market quickly and model them individually to sell online. I’d definitely recommend them.

Georgina Campbell

Head of Marketing


The team were very professional. They were well-informed and had a lot of knowledge and experience. Because they were able to quickly understand our needs, it gave us confidence in the final product. The process was nice and structured: very efficient. They know their field so well that you can trust they’ll deliver.

Graham Cunningham

Digital Marketing Manager


I would recommend working with Image Foundry: the quality of their renders was really good. Together, we worked closely with Marshalls’ technical expert to ensure the positioning of the products was accurate and the landscapes have been really well received internally.

Abigail Brown

Product Manager


We’ve worked with Image Foundry for more than 18 years. We sell off-plan earlier than anyone else, and Image Foundry’s CGI is a key part of our strategy. Their fly-throughs are essential for building trust with the customer when there’s nothing else to help them visualise the final results.

Gemma Smith

Sales Director

PH Property Holdings

We pride ourselves on building the highest quality homes in the very best locations for the most discerning clients. It also means we have exceptionally high expectations when it comes to our CGI. Our relationship with Image Foundry is excellent; they will bend over backwards to ensure we achieve the required quality. The turnaround is good, their moodboards help us visualise the result before it’s rendered, and their photorealistic interior CGIs are superb.

Dave Matthews

Marketing Director