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Over the last 20 years, our clients have sold more than £16bn of property and products using our architectural CGI images and animations.

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  • You can use compelling content across every channel
  • Your audience sees the content that it values the most
  • You benefit from the best of our creativity and technical expertise
  • You save time and money to spend on the next big thing

Working with your 3D architectural rendering company should be hassle free allowing you to focus on other things.

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"It was absolutely brilliant working with Image Foundry. They were really straight forward, very personable and patient, which they needed to be! It takes a lot of time to get input and sign-off on a project like this, so we very much appreciated their time and guidance. When they started the project they came to meet our chief operating officer and were clear about expectations so it was good to know we were in safe hands. The images are absolutely stunning – way above what we could have expected them to be. We have already sent them out on social media and via press release, and we will be using them anywhere we speak about the Masterplan. Internally they have sparked a lot of enthusiasm for the final project - it’s had a really positive impact on the culture."

"We pride ourselves on building the highest quality homes in the very best locations for the most discerning clients. It also means we have exceptionally high expectations when it comes to our CGI. Our relationship with Image Foundry is excellent; They will bend-over-backwards to ensure we achieve the required quality. The turnaround is good, their mood-boards help us to visualise the result before it’s rendered and their photorealistic interior CGIs are superb."

"We asked Image Foundry to help with our new Landscape Protection brochure, which features bollards, rail systems, seating, planters and cycle stands that combine attractive aesthetics with protection from criminal or terror attack. Image Foundry created four landscape renders of a public square, football stadium, retail park and airport that demonstrate to customers how our landscape protection products enrich their environment whilst also working to protect it. I would recommend working with Image Foundry: the quality of their renders was really good. Together, we worked closely with Marshalls’ technical experts to ensure the positioning of the products was accurate and the landscapes have been really well received internally."