Showcasing Geberit's sixty years of experience in concealed sanitary solutions

The Brief

Who is our client?

Geberit stands tall in the realm of sanitary products, renowned for their innovative solutions that combine functionality with aesthetics. As leaders in their field, Geberit's dedication to enhancing bathroom experiences is evident through their advanced products, including the Duofix and Kombifix cisterns.

What did we need to convey?

Geberit's sanitary solutions are meticulously crafted from a single piece through a blow moulding process, ensuring exceptional durability, robustness, and leakproof. Our objective was to portray these attributes in our animation.

Unveiling the Project

What does this project aim to achieve?

Our journey with Geberit embarked on a mission to illuminate the distinctive features and advantages of the Duofix and Kombifix cisterns. The central objective was to articulate the superiority of the 12cm cistern over its 8cm counterpart, showcasing its benefits in a manner that resonates with both distributors and end-users.

Crafting the Vision

Working side-by-side with our client

Our initial meeting with Geberit's team laid the foundation for a creative synergy. We delved into the core attributes of the cisterns, identifying the pivotal elements that needed spotlighting. A sketch artist then brought our collective vision to paper, crafting a storyboard that served as a visual prelude to the forthcoming animation.

The evolution of the project was marked by a series of collaborative discussions, ensuring our trajectory remained aligned with Geberit's aspirations. As the narrative expanded, we integrated a voiceover to guide viewers through the animation, enriching their understanding of the cisterns' features.

A Vision Realised

How did we construct these animations?

The fruition of our collective efforts was an animation that eloquently conveyed the nuances of the Duofix and Kombifix cisterns. Geberit's feedback was a testament to our shared success, with the possibility of adapting the animation for various regional markets, highlighting the universal appeal and adaptability of the content we created.

Using Cinema 4D, we sculpted a scene to emphasise the recyclability of the cistern components, aligning with Geberit's commitment to sustainability. This meticulous attention to detail and technological prowess allowed us to craft a narrative that was not only informative but also visually captivating.

Take a look at our finished sanitary solutions animation below...