Newell Brands Groundbreaking Kitchen Innovation, the Breville Halo Flexi Air Fryer

Client Context

Crafting the Future

Newell Brands, a stalwart in the consumer goods domain, teamed up with us to introduce a groundbreaking kitchen innovation, the Breville Halo Flexi Air Fryer - the first with an impressive twelve ways to cook.

Through our collaboration, we used CGI to vividly showcase the air fryer's versatility and unique features in a market brimming with competition. Whether you're cooking a single portion or up to four different foods at the same time - we needed to showcase it all.

Project Synopsis

Visualising Culinary Versatility

Our mission was to create compelling visual content for this kitchen innovation, emphasising the Breville's design which offers twelve cooking methods and a dual-compartment cooking space.

The project was twofold

Crafting dynamic imagery for the retail packaging and producing an engaging animation for the product launch, highlighting its features and innovations.

Creative Process

Blending Artistry and Technology

Part 1: Imagery for Impact

We embarked on creating imagery that highlighted the air fryer's multifunctionality. The focus was on illustrating the different configurations, ensuring that potential customers could visualise the product's versatility at a glance.

Part 2: Animation with a Twist

The animation aimed to bring the air fryer's unique selling points to life. We chose to blend 3D models with real food photography, partnering with a local studio and a food stylist to achieve an authentic and appealing look. Through meticulous planning, we synchronized the virtual lighting and camera settings with those used in the food photography, ensuring seamless integration between the 3D models and the photographed food.

Client Feedback

Nicole Wedderburn described the collaboration as a highly positive experience, noting the team's informative guidance and efficient workflow, which helped demystify the animation process for their first animated project. She highlighted how the animation enhanced the product page by providing an in-depth overview of the accessory configurations, bringing the key product benefits to life. The integration of real food photography into the animation stood out, showcasing Image Foundry's ability to create a seamless and realistic portrayal of the product in action.

Nicole Wedderburn - Brand Communications Manager