The Vivid Lifestyle

Creative content pack


The Vivid Lifestyle

Creative content pack

Images That Speak Volumes

In a competitive market place it pays to grab your customers attention and stick in their memory.

We were asked to help a Property company produce some visual content to represent what they are trying to achieve with their new scheme. Although the house types are relatively standard for the market, there is no reason why the lives of those that buy them need be anything other than special.

That’s what we wanted to get across. A vibrancy and vividness that stands out from the crowd. Something just a little special (but achievable). Our remit was to deliver 2 content packs that would give the client a range of content to suit their immediate needs and their social marketing needs down the line.

We started off with the two CGI internal lifestyle shots for the key areas people are interested in. The Kitchen and the living room. The detail we put into lifestyle shots is significant and it allows us to run off cameo/detail shots that really augment the message. They make fantastic editorial content and provide extra visual richness for marketing teams social media reach out.

We always had in mind that once these room sets were complete we would run off two independent animations. These were designed for web use at a digestible 20-30 seconds. They’re just so moorish!

Its a whole series of fabulous content and importantly, as far as the target market are concerned, it’s within reach.




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