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You need to find the right 3D property exterior specialist who understands your pressures, gets behind you, and delivers 3D property exterior content that convert leads into sales. We want your imagery to work hard for you and give you value for money. We aim to make the the production of your property exterior CGI's simple and hassle free whilst saving you time and money.

Over the last 20 years, our clients have sold more than £16bn of property and products using our 3D CGI images and animations.

We work hard for your success by ensuring:

  • You can use compelling content across every channel
  • Your audience sees the content that it values the most
  • You benefit from the best of our creativity and technical expertise
  • You save time and money to spend on the next big thing

Beautiful 3D property exterior CGI's for your brochure and web, designed to achieve the results you need.


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Image Foundry do a brilliant job, the price is right and the quality they produce is incredible. Just as importantly, they think of new ideas that might help me in my own business. Houses are not just bricks and mortar. People need to be able visualise their community and Image Foundry’s fly-throughs let customers immerse themselves in our developments. The animations allow our customers to ‘drive’ into the street scene, choose the plot and see an enhanced CGI image of what their home will look like from morning to evening. It includes everything from the landscaping, trees and shrubs, down to making sure the cars match the price range of the properties. The fly-through is a wonderful tool for marketing to customers who would otherwise struggle to visualise the finished project. We use it on the landing page on our website and take snippets and images for Facebook ads, Instagram and carousels. We give Image Foundry the necessary information such as the site levels and brick colours, then they add the details that make the CGI come alive. Fantastic.

Tracy Iles, Sales Director, Vistry Partnerships, North East

"We pride ourselves on building the highest quality homes in the very best locations for the most discerning clients. It also means we have exceptionally high expectations when it comes to our CGI. Our relationship with Image Foundry is excellent; They will bend-over-backwards to ensure we achieve the required quality. The turnaround is good, their mood-boards help us to visualise the result before it’s rendered and their photo-realistic interior CGI's are superb."

Dave Matthews, Marketing Director, PH Property Holdings Ltd

“Due to the bespoke nature of our business, we’re used to working with a range of CGI suppliers. Pryor's was our first project with Image Foundry and it certainly won’t be our last. The process was organised, the team fully understood our brief and our Account Manager, communicated every step of the way. The final product is a suite of stunning images with an impressive realism, which captured the ‘lifestyle’ feel that we were aiming for. We’ve received numerous comments from suppliers and customers alike, who have commended the look and feel of the CGI's.”

Mark Swaddle, Marketing Manager, Spitfire Homes

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