There Will Always Be A Demand For Quality


Alex Goron | 15.06.2017

Brexit Shmexit. You might recall I recently talked about our Frankfurt excursion? Well I’m pleased to say we’re starting to see the dividends with work being commissioned from clients in Belgium, Austria and Germany. Great product will always find a market regardless of politics.

It’s very interesting to be back in the “develop a reputation” phase of our business. The truth is you’re never really not in that phase but at the outset it carries so much more weight with what you do. Our reputation has been carefully cultivated over a period of time in the UK and we are well and truly established. I don’t really have any concerns about our ability to deliver and it’s been a long time since I’ve had any cause to bite my finger nails. Now however as we push into new European markets I’m acutely aware that the experience of these first few customers will be vital in establishing our reputation and a lot is riding on us doing what we do, time and time again.

We’re going to have to have more conversations about the Image Foundry website going multilingual, and soon if we’re to capitalise on the hard-won opportunities we’ve created. First things first though. Knock it out of the park on these projects, then we can focus on maintaining momentum.

There Will Always Be A Demand For Quality Image Foundry

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