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Interior VR – Virtual Reality Tour Experience

Our key clients have been in the property sectors for over 15 years now, so it was essential to us thst we were able to use the new Virtual Reality (VR) technology in a way that produces a genuine benefit. With that in mind, what we developed is not just VR but a suite of products that allow you to reach as many people as possible at different stages of the purchase process.

Virtual Reality Tour & First Person 

The VR Tour and First Person version allows the user to view off-plan show apartments which have been built in a virtual world. They are built to the exact specification which we are supplied with, down to the last millimetre. The standard VR experience allows users to place on a headset and explore yor show apartment; the only difference being, this off-plan apartments is built in a virtual world and can be re-built, re-touched, re-designed and amended at the touch of a button & at a fraction of the cost in reality. This can be entirely tailored to your desired sales experience, hotspoting from one location to the next, producing your very own virtual tour guide.

The first person version is joystick controlled, for those of us that do not wish to wear the headset. For those that do, the quality of visual is staggering and truly places the user in what could be their future home. Within both VR and First Person experiences can be product selectors and in-scene information. The product selector allows the user to choose between optional extras, making the experience a powerful up-selling tool. The in-scene information gives you the opportunity to reinforce certain messages or augment your proposition with additional information.


Feature Animations

Using your virtual scene we have already produced, we can create a full 4K animation in roughly 10% of the traditional production time, thanks to VR’s real time rendering capabilities. These are artfully crafted sequences that capture the essence of the apartment and help communicate the lifestyle message. We ahve come to learn after working with our clients over that past 15 years that having video content for online and estate agents shop-windows is hugely beneficial. Animations can be packaged to play on loop, or resized for websites or different platforms.


360 Animations

Once prospective customers leave the salesroom and return home, we want them to re-live their experience and even be able to share it with others by playing a video through the YouTube app on their smartphone. We can easily translate your Virtual Reality experience into a 360 experience, ready for Youtube, ready for your customers. Technology now allows us to portray real space and feel of a property at the touch of a button before a brick has been laid. Why not share that experience online?

You can see our 360 animations here! Simply move your phone around to explore in 360 degrees.

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