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Architectural Visualisation – Derwent Street

Luxury, Inside and Out

Creating Urban CGI visualisations is one of our specialties, and we love bringing these high rise luxury spaces to life. With instant wow-factor and great scope for presenting a full lifestyle view to your customers, they make a fantastic impact in any off-plan sales pack.

Our team worked with Forshaw on this impressive architectural rendering of their Derwent Street property. They required full exterior shots as well as views of each interior room set. Each image needed to create a believable, livable space, and was crafted with that aim in mind.

You can see how the street view angle adds dynamism and perspective. The attractive night time shot brings an additional level of mood and aspiration to the set, introducing atmosphere and a feeling of habitation.

The Global Market for Urban CGI

If there’s one industry that’s been transformed by the internet, it’s property development. With such fierce competition nowadays, it’s important to get your developments noticed as soon as possible. However, with the endless possibilities of digital outreach to clients situated all over the world, there are also more opportunities than ever. CGI makes that even more possible.

Truly breathtaking 3D imagery can help to close off-plan sales with overseas investors. They’ll see the development in its finished state, before even one brick is laid. No travelling, no waiting.

Different interior options are also a benefit of urban CGI visualisations. Depending on who your target market it, we can design a variety of spaces to suit your needs. From comfy, welcoming spaces to high tech gyms and entertainment areas, your marketing strategy can shape the designs and ensure you get the best impact from every image.

If your next development features high rise luxury living and you’d like to hear more about our urban CGI designs, give us a call now.

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