Property Animations

Content to suit all platforms, audiences and budget


Property Animations

Content to suit all platforms, audiences and budget

Motion That Informs - Incites - Inspires

From full site fly-throughs with day-night narratives, to short simple camera pans for social media engagement, property animations come in all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and purposes;

it's probably on the tip of your tongue

One of the most often asked questions is “how much will an animation cost?”. Animations dramatically vary in cost depending upon length and complexity. If you can share a few details about your project and answer a few simple questions, we may just be able to tell you.

A few simple questions

1. Who is your audience? Knowing the target audience is essential to ensure that the pace, style, language and treatment all appeal to your key demographic.

2. What is your objective? No doubt to generate interest and increase sales but are there any other salient points that need to be addressed?

3. What is your message? Sometimes this is the USP/USP’s, sometimes it's more brand orientated such as "we care" or "quality first". Either way, knowing exactly what you want to communicate to your audience before we start, will ensure the animation is "on message".
4. How will you reach your audience? Knowing how the content will be used enables us to make suggestions that will help shape the content to the platform and in some cases, produce spin off content that results in much greater return per pound.

5. What budget are you working with? Honesty really pays here. If you tell us your budget, we will not set out to spend it all. We will simply have a clear understanding of one of the limitations we are working under. We will then make recommendations about the best way to achieve your goals working within this limitation. The fantastic thing about animated content is that something dynamic, creative and interesting can always be produced even on the tightest budget.

Fly through animations of your site

These full feature flythroughs become the star attraction in sales centers as every visitor looks to find the plot they're considering. The added bonus is the possibility of creating smaller edits for different audiences and platforms.

A well produced flythrough will give the audience an (all too vital) glowing impression of the site and community, not just the bricks and mortar of their prospective house or apartment.

When it does come to the bricks and mortar, it’s the flythrough animation that people are drawn to again and again. They will re-watch and re-watch looking for the sequences that show their future plot of life. Still CGI’s are powerful, models are great, but to get right into the imagination of a home buyer, there is simply no more effective tool than an animation, and feature flythrough animations are the jewel in the crown.

How are flythrough animations produced? What do I have to do?

Walkthrough animations of house types

Eye catching walkthroughs whet the appetite like no other content. The interior spaces will be styled and designed to appeal to your core audience and more than any other piece of content, this is where viewers turn into home buyers.

House Type walk through animations are especially valuable where you have no show home or a long period before your show home will be customer ready. A core consideration is making sure the lifestyle we present is achievable. The next mark is making them aspirational. In a CGI world this is always achievable on your budget. Unlike the real world, there is no extra cost for upgrading to a nicer set of furniture!

Our stylists and designers can design and furnish your house type based on your brief, or we can work from moodboards and instruction from your own team. Our in house creative process is fine tuned to the sector but you can save a few £ by asking us to plug straight into your own design phase. After all, your own team will know your product better than anybody else.

Creative social media edits

Dynamic content on landing pages, micro sites, social media pages immediately grabs customer attention. These short sequences might only be 2 or 3 camera pans but the effect they have is striking.

Let us know how you want to use them and we’ll either produce new content for the purpose or re-edit existing content to the new channel.

Editing simple dynamic content to arm and support your multi-channel marketing strategies can amplify your existing presence and ensure you get the most from every piece of content create.

All of the more feature animations mentioned.

Dynamic Stills

These hybrid between still and animated visuals are a steller cost effective option, suitable for most platforms and visually arresting.

They are a smart combination of ready animated assets and camera pans over still imagery to create a dynamic visual effect as a low cost alternative to motion camera animation.

They can be designed as per a template to keep costs minimal and provide a series of content such as a dynamic still for each house type on a new site.

Alternatively you can add in extra elements to create a banner image for websites. Whatever your budget a dynamic still is extraordinarily useful and cost effective.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail call Alex on 0161 302 1579