Mood boards & pre-production process


Mood boards & pre-production process

Images That Speak Volumes

The mood board process has reduced our feedback cycle by over 60%

Our mood boards show you all of the props, furnishings, colours, materials, products, lighting and mood that will constitute your shot. We also include an illustration so you can even see what your shot will look like before we run into production. These ensure your images are targeted at the right audience.
The mood board process has reduced our feedback cycle by over 60%, resulting in quicker delivery, reduced spend as well as increased and more consistent quality.

Every person involved is only ever playing to their strengths

The secret to getting great shots time after time is a planned process that ensures every person involved is only ever playing to their strengths. At the very outset this includes you. You know your customer, your market and your product better than anyone else. For this reason your input into the creative brief is absolutely vital.

We can help guide you

We can help guide you by asking the questions we know will shape a full and directive creative brief. This will include detailed information about the product and any unique selling points, as much information on the target audience as possible, clarity about the message you want to convey and any information about how the visual will be displayed.

Speak directly to your target audience

The creative brief is passed to our set designers, stylists, and illustrators. Our set designers and stylists have years of experience designing photography sets for some of the biggest brand names, and instinctively know what’s going to have the desired effect. Using your creative brief they will design sets that speak directly to your target audience and convey the message you’re looking for.

This will be presented as a mood board, including all of the elements in shot, as well as an illustration so you can get an idea of composition and see what the final shot will look like.

The best possible direction

85/100 boards are signed off straight away. We’re happy to get the 15% that aren’t because it’s easier to make changes at this stage rather than later! Once you sign off on the mood boards, the creative brief and mood boards are passed onto our artists

This successful pre-production process ensures that the most talented 3D artists available receive the best possible direction and can spend 100% of their time and attention doing what they’re best at; creating beautiful and commercially relevant images.