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Creative Pack – Private Dining Interior

Interior design without limits – the benefit of CGI styling.

Aspirational imagery sells, and when it comes to interior design, giving your customers a vision of luxury and lifestyle makes all the difference. Whether you’re selling property off-plan or want to bring life to your newly completed project, being able to present a finished look transforms the content of your pitch.

So what do you do? Fully design and decorate each room? Hire an interior designer and spend thousands sourcing high-end products? Bring in a photographer, stylist and post production artist to shoot each room set (which could take days) at further cost? All of this adds up very quickly! Not to mention all the time and resources needed to bring all that together, and then hope it’s not raining on the day, spoiling the light effect!

Honestly, we think that’s madness. Why spend all that money, time and effort, when everything you need can be created in CGI?

How can CGI help?

Here you can see one of our recent creative interior design projects. Amazing, right? But how can this help you?

Our expert stylist puts together a bespoke interior design brief, using knowledge of trends and customers’ aspirations to build a lifestyle look that will inspire them. Our team of talented artists then go to work, and bring this design to life. The benefit here is that there is no purchasing of expensive props or designer furniture – it’s all created in house. No matter what look you want, we can create it.

We can also bypass the issues with lighting that happen so often with photography. It’s always sunny in CGI! Whether you want a calm, bright morning or moody red sunset, a snowy scene at night or a city in the summer sunshine – anything is possible. You can see examples below of how our artists can take one room set and show it at different times of the day, or in different situations. You can build whatever life your customers desire.

The greatest benefit, aside from the massive cost savings, is how much time and effort you will save. No worrying about prop deliveries, decorating time, hiring photographers or getting the right weather. You simply provide the plans and look details, and we’ll do the rest. There’s no pressure to get everything right in one go – you can revisit an image and tweak what you need.

CGI brings you freedom, simplicity, and unlimited creativity. Give us a call today and transform your imagery with us.

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