Interactive 360 Virtual Tours

Get Customers Onsite, Online


Interactive 360 Virtual Tours

Get Customers Onsite, Online

Interactive - No Words Necessary

A powerful tool, working 24/7

CGI Virtual Property Tours result in increased traffic, time on site and viewings. When your virtual show home is open 24/7, within easy access for every single home buyer online, is it any wonder!

Our Virtual Tours allow your customers to explore through a housing site or property as if they were there in person, by using a keyboard, mouse or finger on any smartphone, tablet or PC. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

360 Property Tours can be of your site and/or house types of your choosing. They are the best way possible of getting your customers to explore your product, without actually getting them on site.

Benefits of Virtual Property Tours

  • 24/7, your virtual show home is open and looks it’s best
  • Ability to tour remotely – no travel time for your customers
  • Ability to tour remotely – no concerns over physical interaction
  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Increased time on site

Features of Virtual Property Tours

  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Touchscreen & cursor driven interaction
  • Street view style movement
  • Thumbnail view
  • Site plan location map
  • 2D/3D floor plans
  • Customisable data points
  • Furnished/unfurnished toggle

Tours are quick and simple to embed in HTML pages, including WordPress websites. The examples on this page are in our standard IF skin however they can be re-skinned in your own branding upon request.

Example 360 Virtual House Type Tour




Scroll down for a closer look and to interact with some additional example virtual property tours

Easy and intuitive to control. Use a finger on a touch screen, or the cursor on a desktop to rotate and view each space in full 360 degrees

Have the ability to show your customers the spaces both furnished and unfurnished. The easy toggle function permits the user greater interactivity than any other virtual tour currently on the market

The Thumbnail menu provides a quick and easy way to move from location to location without having to open up the floor plans

Floorplans can be presented in simple 2D for a cost effective and elegant solution. Alternatively a more detailed 3D plan can be used for a truly polished look and feel

The Site plan function allows users to see the entire site and move directly to any location of their choosing with one quick click

The plot data points bring up any information you wish to share about that particular plot. In this example, by opening up the data point we see the plot number, the Housetype name and square footage, as well as other plot numbers where this house type is also available

Data points can contain text, audio or video. This example is a short video detailing the oven that comes as standard in this property

Example 360 Virtual Site Tour




Example 360 Virtual House Type Tour




The tours are easy to install on your own website, intuitive for your customers to use, and designed to support your sales messages. You can expect increased traffic and customer engagement.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail call Alex on 0161 302 1579