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A creative pack to push your content to the next level.

Let’s talk lead generation!

What is a creative pack? Well, say you’ve commissioned an interior CGI from Image Foundry, one of the UK’s premier creative studios. Firstly, thank you, and welcome to the family! Secondly, have you considered what spin off content you can have from your image, and how it can be used?

You’ve invested in creating the room set for your CGI, so why not get the utmost out of it. From the room set, additional content can be created to give you the expansive creative content you need to reach out to people across different channels, grab attention and drive traffic.

Alternative angles, detail & cameo shots, transformative lighting, dynamic stills and montage animations, all designed to add editorial elegance to print media, depth to websites, and impact and lead generation via social media channels.

Here you can see examples of this type of content – still, animated and interactive, all generated from a single room set. This is a full Creative Pack. The pack provides a wealth of imagery to enable you to have more content-rich touch points with customers during your sales cycle, as well as enabling your message to stand out from the crowd on new media channels.

For this particular pack, our team of talented artists took a single roomset and transformed it to show different times of the day. Exploring light and shadow, warmth of tone and a feeling of lifestyle, they have created a story around this room. By using exciting new techniques, they also brought movement and life to two animated pieces – a dynamic still and a montage animation.

Dynamic stills are ideal when you have one image you want to wow your customers with. Integrating small camera movements and animated elements in this image, our artists can enhance the focus on your key selling points and ensure your content creates that all important aspirational feel for your clients.

Montage animation combines a series of high quality CGI images with panning cameras and soft focus points, giving depth to each scene. New techniques allow us to put real people into these scenes, like the shadow crossing the wall in the example below. This movement creates a solid sense of realism, making it so much easier to sell off-plan.

Let’s have a chat about your project and see if a creative pack is right for you.

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