Creative CGI

Going beyond the industry standard house type and street scene CGI means creating thoughtful content that really whets your audience’s appetite.

In a crowded space make your scheme more noticeable, and more memorable, by using creative imagery that stands you apart from the norm. This includes beautiful lifestyle shots, interior and exterior, as well as alternative lighting such as dusk street scenes.

The virtual 3D model we create for standard assets such as street scenes or house type CGI’s can be re-used to create additional content at comparably little cost. This wealth of content can provide the additional editorial content to flesh out your brochures, the stand apart shot for PR that will grab attention or the portfolio of fresh content to fuel your social media campaign.

Dusk shots have been growing in popularity over the last few years as marketeers realise the power they hold over us. For a good part of the year in the UK we leave our home in the dark and return after dark. A dusk shot can have a homey feel as it evokes the feeling we have of returning to our sanctuary after a long day out in the world.

Seasonal shots can be created from scratch or we can even revisit old content for you and re-render your shots with a seasonal feel, be that the seasons themselves or special events such as Christmas. Popular with clients wanting a stand out street scene for PR purposes.

Lifestyle shots come in many guises both exterior and interior. The interior shots make fantastic editorial content and will be styled with your target market in mind – see how we do this in the pre production phase

Producing creative shots provides the basis of rich diverse material required for sensational dynamic and interactive content. If you want a fully 360 digital marketing pack of assets then this is the way to go.

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