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Product Visualisation – Brochure Imagery

A major UK bathroom manufacturer approached us with an interesting proposition. They needed imagery for their new brochure but not just any imagery. Their quality and cost of product places them squarely in the high end of the market, but their marketing imagery didn’t quite reflect this. 

They needed imagery that put product front and centre and suggested a high end lifestyle. They needed imagery that pushed the boundaries of the norm and entered the realm of concept living spaces. A realm that’s traditionally occupied by Europe’s premium brands. An in depth understanding of the Clients requirements enabled our stylist and designers to produce a series of mood boards that met the brief head on. Our artists transformed the mood boards into high end visuals that communicate class, quality and desirability.

The project centred around the production of four main room sets and a significant number of cameo shots. All in all, over 40 shots were produced and took starring role in their own brochure in 2016.

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