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Architectural Visualisation – Exterior Collection

We believe our 3D architectural visualisation is not just a rendering, it’s also a finely crafted message, designed to speak volumes to your audience.

We pride ourselves on the quality and narrative behind each and every 3D rendering. With homes in Manchester, Delhi and Rome, the Image Foundry family draws on inspiration on a global scale, delivering CGI renders to property developers and product manufacturers, big and small, since the turn of the century.

Since Image Foundry’s inception, our 3D renderings have been used to help sell more than £12 billion of property off-plan. While there have been many large-scale projects, much and more of this figure is from smaller local developments who just want to communicate their love for what they do. It’s about more than just buildings; it’s about the life that happens in and around them.

Browse more architectural imagery in our portfolio, or if you’d rather talk through your next project, drop us a line. We’re here to help!

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