Meet the team

The technology is insured and replaceable.
Our biggest assets have homes to go to.


Our Team


3D Artist

2D/3D visualiser extraordinaire. Abhinaw loves travelling, cooking and is obsessed with Darts.


New Business

Wordsmith, producer, diviner of opportunity, forger of relationships, general all round good egg, Alex's abnormally long legs mean he has to pay extra for more legroom on flights. His loss is our gain as he definitely has his own dancing style. The boy got rhythm...or possibly some form of unusually rhythmic seizure based condition.



Anand is the renaissance man of the company. Writer, Creator, Designer, and over indulger of chocolate.



Anshul is the ship's captain. He has an eye for detail, rocks lead guitar in a band and can recite almost every line of the movie Notting Hill.


Creative Combo

Breet is the go to guy for creative juice. He loves graphic designing, is a freak for video games and a magnet for cricket balls when he takes the field.


CGI's Producer

Dushyant is a master of modelling (not the catwalk). Though finishes his daily tasks before deadline, can't find time to watch movies.


3D Artist

Our very own Italian Stallion is a 3D artist extraordinaire and hard rock enthusiast. When he's not making beautiful images or doting on his daughter, he's making people's ears bleed by mercilessly shredding the guitar in his full on Thrash metal band. Eli definitely turns it up to 11.



Gabriel is creativity on tap and infectiously happy to boot. He adores architecture and wears Xmas jumpers 365 days a year.


Studio Manager

"He­-man" as he is known to us, deftly negotiates the numerous daily creative explosions, egos and dramas to keep our studio consistently producing top notch work. He has a weakness for dark chocolate and his baby daughter (not necessarily in that order) and still dreams of being an Olympic figure skater.



Queen Elizabeth of IFS. Woe betide those that cross her, she brooks no nonsense! Loves tasting different cuisines, nature and glorying in the sun".


Chief 3D Artist

Premium pixel practitioner, Lavish is a cricket crazy, river rafting paraglider.


3D Artist

Max Bird Neha is a bubbly, energetic pocket Bada­BING! With a love of travelling and photography.


3D Artist

Praveen pushes pixels, is a gaming freak, loves dogs and anything that doesn't require him to leave the house!


3D Artist

Raj is a whimsical, assertive soul with a thirst for knowledge. He loves photography and writing self­indulgent bio's


3D Artist

Killing time as a 3D savant until he earns enough crust to travel the globe, following the formula 1 circus. Big on Ferrari!


3D Artist

Modelling maestro Sagar is a cricket playing, movie watching explorer.


3D Artist

Shy master modeller Sami is a concept artist, specialising in automobile modelling and studio lighting. Cruises into the office on his Harley Davidson.


IT System Administrator

Nemesis of the IT gremlins, Smarty is an explorer at heart.


Team Leader

Captain of the team, a passionate photoshop artist and a traveller by heart. Loves cooking and has deep interest in organising events.


Matte Painter

Photoshop Rambo Vishal is a concept artist specialising in film and television. A passionate photographer with a decidedly short fuse!