Image Foundry Visits ‘ISH 2017’


Image Foundry | 27.03.2017

Alex Goron, Head of New Business is taking the spotlight on the blog today after a short trip in Frankfurt for the Worlds leading trade fair; ISH.

Myself and one of our Directors, Anshul Kapoor, spent last week in Frankfurt attending a trade show of colossal proportions. This was the biannual bathrooms; ISH. A few of our European clients were showing there and we took it as a great opportunity to get face time with key decision makers, reinforce existing relationships, as well as make some new contacts. The first thing that struck us was the sheer size of the show. To say it was of gargantuan proportions, barely does it justice. It really opened our eyes to the volume of opportunity out there.


Image Foundry Visits 'ISH 2017' Image Foundry

Photo Credit: Jörg Hempel; www.joerg-hempel-com

Our primary objective of having key conversations with strategic individuals both from companies we currently work with and those we wish to work with were met and we feel extremely positive about what will follow on from this. What has become apparent is that the service we offer doesn’t just stand up to all UK competition but reflects extremely well against EU wide competitors. We felt this was the case from materials we could gain access to, although to hear it straight from EU companies that commission CGI was especially pleasing.

We also noticed general patterns in attitudes to CGI from people in different markets. This is from a relatively small sample size but the generalisations we found were that German and Dutch companies appreciate quality CGI and will balance the cost against potential benefits. They have sophisticated markets and as such require quality collateral. The French market for some reason doesn’t place a high value on quality imagery. This seems strange to us but if the average consumer accepts a clearly computer generated visualisation as opposed to a photo real CGI then it lessens the commercial imperative to commission better quality.

The other imperative is competition. Getting a leg up on the competition can start an escalation of quality although for some unknown reason this does not seem to have happened in the French market place. The Spanish appreciate good quality although opt for the “value” option, accepting the level just under what we would class as “top quality” in order to save on costs. Eastern Europe is very cost driven. I’d be extremely interested to hear if anybody out there has experience contrary or supporting any of these generalisations.


Image Foundry Visits 'ISH 2017' Image Foundry

Photo Credit: Jörg Hempel; www.joerg-hempel-com

Our secondary objective was simply to introduce ourselves to exhibitors from across Europe that were new to us. I have to say, whilst this was an exhausting effort, being in and amongst the buzz of the show was really infectious. We had a mammoth daily step count of over 30,000 steps. a good healthy target would be 10,000 so it goes to show how much ground we covered which is Just as well with all the restaurant food and drinks! Both myself and Anshul thoroughly enjoyed the days we were developing new contacts. The feedback was fantastic and it’s difficult not to see how we can really open up on this front.


Conclusively, this show was a must for us and we’ll certainly be attending next year. One week later and I still feel the buzz of the show on me. It’s up to us now to capitalise on the wealth of opportunity out there.