How to Repurpose a Room Set


Image Foundry | 05.01.2017

Introducing our Bedroom lifestyle shots for Fern Doors. For use online and in their brand new brochure, to reduce cost but maintain high product quality,  we advised using the same room set, re-dressed, adjusting lighting and re-purposing for two different product variants. The focus of the shots here are the sliding doors.

Light falling across the product always helps and in this room set up we’ve decided to place a window off to the side. This helps create light and shadow giving depth and profile to both product and props.

Interest is added by having the room set “run off” out of shot behind the bed which gives the illusion of more space. The half visible pictures almost punctuate the point.

It’s clearly visible that different lighting set ups have been used for both room sets. while a clean white light has been used for the bottom room set, the top set has more natural, woody, earthy tones and required a different treatment. We’ve selected a lighting set up that builds on these tones and creates a warmer feel.

We look forward to seeing them in print

How to Repurpose a Room Set Image Foundry