How to Become a Leading 3D Artist


Image Foundry | 13.03.2017

Usually a large team of 3D Artists collaborate to create and craft their contributions to a movie, whether it’s an entirely CGI film like Toy Story, or a filmed movie with lots of visual effects such as Transformers. Developing that kind of talent calls for consistent work over weeks, months, years, and decades. With that profile, you’ll be able to work worldwide as leading 3D Artist

The rise of CGI has meant the evolution of 3D Artists, capable of working in special effects as well as what we normally think of as animation. Even work that seems to be done using traditional approaches is often realised with computers these days, and that includes a programme as basic in it’s appearance as South Park. And the 3D Artists doing that work might be doing a range of projects including television and games or more. For instance, animators:

  • Design animated graphics for many websites.
  • Recreate crime scenes for court trials.
  • Produce simulations for advance medical reports or even military accounts.
  • Create virtual tours of architectural marvels like Versailles or even model homes for builders.

How to Become a Leading 3D Artist Image Foundry

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re considering CGI as a career:

How sure are you about your strengths and weaknesses?
Self-knowledge about the traits you have developed and those that need work will help you stay on track and allow you to evolve your weaker areas over time…or find contexts where they won’t be displayed.


Do you possess a keen eye for detail?
A 3D Artist requires a meticulous ability to distinguish tiny details in colour, texture, movement, and those elements which go into creating technical and emotional credibility.


Do you have innate ability and artistic inclinations?
While many of the aspects of a contemporary 3D Artist work are technical, you won’t get far without creative passions and ambitions that you’re already likely to be expressing through your personal projects.


Do you have the means to acquire technical skills and education to develop your work?
3D Art isn’t one skill, it’s a whole set of skills that call on creativity, tenacity, fluency with software, comfort with hardware, time management, and the ability to function independently and as part of a team.


How to Become a Leading 3D Artist Image Foundry

If you see yourself working as a 3D artist and animator make the most of the contacts you have through family, friends, work, and education and reach out to people working in the field already. Approach them with courtesy and professionalism, and they’ll be able to steer you in a useful direction, whether that’s through work and education or going to a specialist animation school. One of the good things about the field is it can be entered in later life, and doesn’t require all-round brilliance straight out of the gate.

Animation is a vast field to explore and presents umpteen possibilities to take your career skyrocketing. From forensics to real estate, TV and movies to video games, mathematic modelling to aeronautics and astronomy, an animator can find infinite options if s/he can demonstrate interest and application.

How to Become a Leading 3D Artist Image Foundry