An Update From The Studios


Image Foundry | 18.08.2016

It’s been a big year for Image Foundry Studios and we thought it was only right that we checked in finally! Moving to a new space in the centre of Manchester, opening the doors to brand new faces, working on building strong client relationships and perfecting out latest venture in VR; the Oculus Rift to be exact.

With the calendar bursting at the seams, we’ve fallen off the radar online. Thankfully, we’ve been busy in all of the best ways. We have come a long way since our last update and we’re quite excited to be sharing more and more with you after out little social media break.

As a company valued in the UK and overseas for nearly twenty years on our CGI expertise, it’s about time we settled back into the 21st century don’t you think? We have had the privilege of working on some extraordinary projects, just a few of them below.

For more, you can join us on our brand new shiny website Feel free to follow us @imagefoundryCGI or like us on Facebook too!


An Update From The Studios Image Foundry

The House Crowd

An Update From The Studios Image Foundry

Fairview Homes

An Update From The Studios Image Foundry

Strata Homes