Meet the team

The technology is insured and replaceable.
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Our Team

We’re not saying our team of artists are good, but if Michelangelo were alive today he’d be trying to claim that digital doesn’t count. It does.

Alarm clocks. A gentle shake. A cattle-prod. Nothing makes our team get out of bed in the morning like wowing clients and their audiences with our CGI. Whether you’re a product manufacturer, architect or interior designer, our uniquely demanding creative process means okay is never okay.

Our team do their homework, they ask the right questions and they translate every brief into a successful outcome, resulting in architectural visualisations, photomontages and 3D renderings of unmatched quality.


New Business

Wordsmith, producer, diviner of opportunity, forger of relationships, general all-round good egg, Alex's abnormally long legs mean he has to pay extra for more legroom on flights. His loss is our gain as he definitely has his own dancing style. The boy got rhythm!


Account & Web Manager

The Winston Wolfe of the office. Need something sorting: Alexandra can handle it. A skilled all-rounder with the least 'Welsh' Welsh accent we've ever heard, she's a true nerd and avid book lover. When she's not covered in cats, you'll find her crocheting Disney princesses or down at the Archery club.



Anand is the renaissance man of the company, and every inch a gentleman. Writer, creator, designer, and over-indulger of chocolate.


Mr Fix-IT

Our very own Handy Andy, and saviour in all our tech traumas, he's the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet... (he threatened to turn off the Internet if we didn't write this).

Ankit Sahu

Team Leader

Stern and stoic, Ankit Sahu is our resident problem-solver. When he's not keeping his team on track, he likes expanding his horizons, and dreams of wearing yellow in the Tour de France.

Ankit Sharma

3D Artist

Ankit Sharma makes architectural modelling look like child's play. If he isn't sketching or cooking up his latest concoction, he's putting his height to good use in his local volleyball team.



Anshul is the ship's captain. He has an eye for detail, rocks lead guitar in a band and can recite almost every line of the movie Notting Hill.


3D Artist

Don't let the baby-face fool you - Aayush is known as the Tank! Either in the gym, breaking it down on the dance floor, or cruising on his Royal Enfield, he's a one-man army of architectural visualisation.


3D Artist

On an endless search for knowledge, Balkishan loves to learn something new every day. He's always got a clever solution to new CGI queries, but when it's time to clock-off, he becomes a karaoke demon.


3D Artist

We call him the Hulk with a heart of gold. Bharat loves to lend a helping hand, not only in the studio but in every aspect of life, and enjoys winding down after a hard day in one of his many sports clubs.


Creative Combo

Breet is the go-to guy for creative juice. He loves graphic design, is a freak for video games, and a magnet for cricket balls when he takes to the field.


Head of Strategy

There are lies, damn lies and then, there are Chris’s spreadsheets. He even uses them to help him win races in his boat which is propelled with white flappy bits.



Mistress of all things monetary, Diane keeps our accounts in line and our directors happy! A lover of cruises, she can often be found sunning herself on the deck - providing she's managed to keep track of her luggage this time of course!


3D Artist

Our very own Italian Stallion, Eli is a 3D artist extraordinaire and a hard-rock enthusiast. When he's not making beautiful images or doting on his daughter, he's making people's ears bleed by mercilessly shredding the guitar in his full-on thrash metal band. Eli definitely turns it up to 11.


Senior 3D Artist

Gabriel is creativity on tap and infectiously happy to boot. With an accent as seductive as his guitar-playing, he adores architecture and wears Xmas jumpers 365 days a year.


3D Artist

Self-professed tech freak and computer nerd, Gagan loves learning all the latest CGI methods. He's not all brains though - a top notch nutritionist and a frequent gym-goer, he's been described as a slim Arnold Schwarzenegger (just by himself, we suspect).


Training Manager

"He­-man", as he's known to us, deftly negotiates the numerous daily creative explosions, egos and dramas to keep our studio consistently producing top notch work. He has a weakness for dark chocolate and his baby daughter (not necessarily in that order) and still dreams of being an Olympic figure skater.


HR & Administration

Queen Elizabeth of IFS. Woe betide those that cross her, she brooks no nonsense! Loves tasting different cuisines, nature and glorying in the sun.


Architectural Checker

Buildings are in this clever lady's blood. An architect through-and-through, Komal brings her passion and her eye for detail to every project. Be it paintings, novels or photography, as long as there's a building in it, she's happy!


3D Artist

Our very own Steve McQueen, Kuldeep is the 'king of cool' and loves nothing more than long rides on his motorbike. The only thing faster than his wheels are his skills at 3D modelling!


Account Manager & Stylist

Clients love her and so do we - Laura's warmth and wit make her a fantastic account manager, but her very special skill is as our Superstar Stylist! When she's not rearranging her own decor, making a mean lasagne, or sipping her favourite pink cocktails, she can be found perfecting all of our beautiful interior shots.


3D & VR Artist

A man of many talents (and many words), quirky jazz-lover Louie is our master of Virtual Reality. Whatever your vision, he's got the tech wizardry to make it happen. In the real world, he's passionate about making video games, plays piano and guitar, and packs away more sushi in one sitting than anyone should be able to.

Lukasz K

3D Artist

Lukasz is a bonafide genius with 3D who loves having a flutter on obscure Eastern European football matches, almost as much as he loves his two gorgeous labradors. He may be quiet, but his talent with interiors speaks for itself. He loves learning languages and trying new foods, but has a mysterious dislike of the colour red.

Lukasz P

3D Artist

Modest and hard-working, Lukasz is passionate about 3D architecture, and it shows. Located in Poland, he's an avid sports fan, and football is top of the list, especially English Premier League - he's happy playing, watching or reading all about 'the beautiful game'. He also loves travelling, and aims to visit every country in the world!


Studio Manager

Ah Manik, our calm amidst the storm. Keeping our diverse zoo of artists running smoothly, he's a dynamic, ever-evolving manager with a love of hardcore techno. A passionate petrol-head with a need for speed, he's also got racket skills to rival Federer.


3D Artist

Cool fashionista Megha loves nothing more than a mega shopping marathon! She's not just about style though - a talented painter and modeler, she enjoys exploring and admiring nature wherever she goes.


3D Artist

Max Bird Neha is a bubbly, energetic pocket BadaBING! With a love of travelling and photography, she lights up any room with her infectious grin, and sure knows a thing or two about top-quality textures.


3D Artist

Beefcake Nikhail is known as Bouncer, and for good reason! A sportsman at heart, he's got a wicked sense of humour and a passion for tattoos. He's got the smarts too though, and picks up new CGI software at lightning speed!


Business Development

Globe-trotting, music-loving Olivia is a firecracker for business with a real eye for opportunity. When she's not wooing architects at the office, you can see her whizzing around the streets of Manchester on her bicycle, on the hunt for her next victim...we mean, client!


3D Artist

Often mistaken for Bruno Mars, Praveen pushes pixels and is a gaming freak. He loves dogs, movies, and pretty much anything that doesn't require him to leave the house!


3D Artist & Quality Control

An intellectual with a big love for photography, and an even bigger love for long words, Raj is our deity of quality control. He makes sure every image that leaves the studio is up to scratch, and when not in the office, can be found enjoying classical music or a casual game of chess!


Account Manager

Don't let that big smile fool you - she's more than just a pretty face! Making things faster and more efficient is second nature to Rebecka, with genius spreadsheet skills and a passion for clever fixes. Queen of protein and running-obsessed, she's getting the rest of the office (as well as your projects) in the best shape they've ever been!


3D Artist

Modelling maestro Sagar is a cricket-playing, movie-watching explorer. Always positive and sporting his trademark smile, he's a dab hand at rendering and knows how to bring out the life in any scene.


3D Artist

She might be a bit of a tomboy, but Sakshi sure knows how to strut her stuff on the dance floor. When she's not partying or crafting at her computer, you can find her exploring epic landscapes and dreaming of opening her own specialist bar.


3D Artist

Shy master modeller Sami is a concept artist, specialising in automobile modelling and studio lighting. Cruises into the office on his Harley Davidson.


IT System Administrator

Nemesis of the IT gremlins, Smarty is an explorer at heart. Serious on the outside but with a mischievous glint in his eye, he's a wildcard with a host of hidden talents.

Vipin Chopra

Team Leader

Captain of the team, a passionate photoshop artist and a traveller by heart. Loves cooking and has deep interest in organising events.

Vipin Singh

3D Artist

Vipin sure knows his way around a 3D floor plan! With top-notch architectural skills and a love of those bits of buildings no one's heard of (quoins anyone?), he's also a dab hand at baking, as well as pitching for his local cricket team!


Matte Painter

Photoshop Rambo Vishal is a concept artist specialising in film and television. A passionate photographer with a decidedly short fuse!