6 Benefits of Digital Innovation


Image Foundry | 03.04.2017

Advances in technology seem to know no bounds; year on year, we seem to progress further. Who would have believed a decade ago that 3D Cinema would essentially be a mainstream consumer technology? Followed swiftly by the advancement of 3D televisions; allowing customers to experience 3D viewing in the comfort of their own homes, needing only a pair of 3D glasses?

Those in the know would have heard how Virtual Reality was the ‘next big thing’ time after time, ironically the one thing that held back Virtual Reality was the quality of technology in the first place but recent changes and speedy advancements in technology have created a more tangible market. The exciting part being that even now, we still have a long way to go, with the potential to open up more doors.

Marketing teams weren’t far behind either. Brands soon began to openly invite the use of 3D technology into campaigns to the public. Using 3D printing in their branding efforts, Coca Cola, Volkswagen & Barnados curated bespoke campaigns that engaged their audience and got them talking.  Research form KZero predicted 28 million paying customers by 2018, from an existing 4.8 million in 2016.

We believe 2017 will witness a big leap in a number of digital technologies, including 3D Visualisations. Innovation and advancement is vital to moving forward and can be highly beneficial to marketing efforts.


  1. Technology saves on costs time after time. CGI is a clever alternative to something that could cost a lot more otherwise. By focusing budgets into one output, media can be briefed and delivered in bulk. Costs such as hiring a studio, setting up a photoshoot or hiring actors are all dodged and instead, replaced with technical and pixel perfect accuracy of the product.


  1. Fixing an error, amending a model or tidying up a shot is a simple few hours in post-production. If we have created the image, we have the power to alter and amend until we are blue in the face (hopefully, not literally). This saves masses of time, instead of having to re-shoot or settle for a less than perfect image, we can revise an image as many times as you need. This freedom opens up a number of doors for creativity and pushing the boundaries of an existing brief.


  1. 3D Printing has opened up a whole world of possibilities, giving customers the ability create perfect replicas of just about whatever they need. This is especially exciting in medical and dental industries, with the ability to custom fit products.


  1. Technology is immersive. We are moving toward a world where instead of technology being a secondary function, it is massively integrated into our everyday lives. We have reached a time where if you resist, you may just be left behind. However, the reliant nature we are building on makes the end product undeniably better. A lot of people wouldn’t think twice about pausing a television or recording a full series of Sherlock Holmes in Full HD, we fully expect the function and we aren’t happy if we cannot do so. Technology needs to keep up with our expectations to survive, both of which are growing very quickly.


  1. CGIs are commonly built around existing CAD files. You can’t get more accurate than the original designs and drawings, unless you want us to – we can do that too. This means that the CGI process can incorporate large part of the design process too. Not only that, just about any industry can make use of CGI technology. Being produced from only lines on a flat page, CGIs can be created before the product is, giving marketeers the chance to take orders before the product has even gone into production!


  1. This is another form of media available to back up a campaign. We understand that you need photographs sometimes but how about the things you can’t photograph? An exploded image of your product for technical purposes or an animated flythrough of a development which has only just received panning. CGI as a technology can transform your marketing.

The necessity of CGI in the world of marketing has certainly increased in the last 10 years. The benefits across a number of industries will vary, however, we believe the above is a good place to start.

6 Benefits of Digital Innovation Image Foundry

6 Benefits of Digital Innovation Image Foundry

6 Benefits of Digital Innovation Image Foundry

6 Benefits of Digital Innovation Image Foundry




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