36 Hours in Berlin


Alex Goron | 15.06.2017

Image Foundry decided to soak up some real European culture at the start of the year – we work with a number of European companies and what better way to connect than to get on the ground. Although we shan’t kid you; we are proud to say this trip was less business and more pleasure for the team. Instead of blowing a load of cash on a Christmas Party, the UK Team spent the weekend in Germany’s capital.

Berlin is an inspiring city full of culture, art & iconic sights. We visited a number of these sights; comparing our daily steps every day, averaging each day at 25 00 steps – so if you are planning whistle-stop tour like us, then pack your walking shoes!

We enjoyed an alternative tour of Berlin, a free tour held by the residents of Berlin who tells their own stories of the city, an absolute must if you visit. The team managed to stuff an extraordinary amount of sightseeing into 36 Hours and one of us filmed along the way. Check out our trip below!