We produce CGI lighting lifestyle shots for manufacturers and distributors. We take the time to understand their requirements, their target markets and deliver what they need. Great photo-real, lifestyle shots at a competitive price. Lighting selectors are an online tool, which will enable your customers to visualise a lighting products effect prior to installation.

Please take a look at the demo of a lighting selector below.

The selector can be presented as an app on a tablet/smart phone in which case it would be touch operated. They can also be produced as a web based tool in which case it would be cursor driven as shown. We use accurate data supplied by leading manufacturers regarding measurements of lighting qualities to simulate the colour, distribution and intensity of lights.

This data can be used to simulate lighting systems in outdoor or indoor spaces before they are installed. Ultimately the selector enables customers to better visualise how a product will look and function in situ.

  View our Lighting Selector Demo 

Lighting images

Click on the left and right arrows on the main image to see the different versions of the image.

Sento 12 Sento Sento Sento 333 Sento Sento Sento Sento Sento Sento


Sento Light Chair Tosca Lighting Project 1