Daylight lighting for interior CGI

A Realistic Lighting Crash Course for 3D Artists

Every visualisation has a story and purpose behind it, whether it’s a still or animation. Lighting plays a crucial role in the mood of a CGI, we discussed this previously on the blog which you can read here. A particular style of lighting can drastically alter the mood from a warm summer’s day to a British fresh morning, but before we can do that, we wanted to go back to basics.


6 Benefits of Digital Innovation

Advances in technology seem to know no bounds; year on year, we seem to progress further. Who would have believed a decade ago that 3D Cinema would essentially be a mainstream consumer technology? Followed swiftly by the advancement of 3D televisions; allowing customers to experience 3D viewing in the comfort of their own homes, needing only a pair of 3D glasses?

Those in the know would have heard how Virtual Reality was the ‘next big thing’ time after time, ironically the one thing that held back Virtual Reality was the quality of technology in the first place but recent changes and speedy advancements in technology have created a more tangible market. The exciting part being that even now, we still have a long way to go, with the potential to open up more doors.


ISH 2017

Image Foundry Visits ‘ISH 2017’

Alex Goron, Head of New Business is taking the spotlight on the blog today after a short trip in Frankfurt for the Worlds leading trade fair; ISH.



What is CGI?

The words are simple enough – “CGI” is defined as Computer-Generated-Imagery, but what do they mean together? Some of the time without even realising, you’ll have come across CGI; in films, television series, video games, architectural projects, product marketing campaigns and other print and electronic media.


3D Artist Job

How to Become a Leading 3D Artist

Usually a large team of 3D Artists collaborate to create and craft their contributions to a movie, whether it’s an entirely CGI film like Toy Story, or a filmed movie with lots of visual effects such as Transformers. Developing that kind of talent calls for consistent work over weeks, months, years, and decades. With that profile, you’ll be able to work worldwide as leading 3D Artist


Potential of Virtual Reality

The Potential of Virtual Reality in Marketing

You’ve almost certainly seen an ad by now where you get to view a scene from all 360 degrees. Ever wondered how they were made? That ability to capture the feel of what it’s like to be somewhere else through that immersive approach is at the core of Virtual Reality Marketing (VR). And there’s a lot more to come.


CGI Lighting

How Lighting Plays A Crucial Role In Your CGI’s Mood

Whilst there’s evidence that demonstrates how people are more optimistic about themselves, as well as the stock market (!) on a bright sunny day. Unfortunately, the same is true for the gloomy dull days, for some, reduced sunlight can even result in Seasonal Affective Disorder which may stop the production of key hormones that affect our mood. It just goes to show how crucial lighting is to the human brain, psyche and functionality.


10 Behaviours That Create Superior CGIs

When we look back at some of the CGIs we put out in our early days, it’s astonishing how far we have come. There have been two main factors that have allowed us to take this journey, Technical developments in hardware/software and a drive to re position ourselves as true market leaders. The drive, the reasons behind the drive and how we’ve undertaken that journey are another blog entirely.


One Set, Two Looks

Introducing our Bedroom lifestyle shots for Fern Doors. For use online and in their brand new brochure, to reduce cost but maintain high product quality,  we advised using the same set, re-dressed and re-purposed for two different product variants. The focus of the shots here are the sliding doors.


Moodboard Interior 3D Visualisaiton

The Importance of a Mood Board

The mood board is something we have found to be of vital importance to the majority of our images, in fact it has been a staple in the production of our interior shots over the last 3 years. It’s easy to get carried away, concentrating on the specific details of a product in the briefing process. Now, don’t get us wrong, the more the detail, the better but the smaller details such as the fabric of a throw cushion or the feet of a coffee table quite often come under scrutiny in early revisions, and quite rightly but a simple mood board can provide a much clearer understanding across both teams.

Dusk Exterior Imagery

In the business of crafting either your dream development, a technical representation of your product or any lifestyle you want to sell. We particularly relish in creating images that have the ability to catch someone’s eye and leave them wanting more.


We’re Hiring!

We are currently looking for an experienced Architectural Visualisation Artist to work on a cross section of projects based out of our Delhi studio. As a large percentage of our work is involved in the production of photo-real imagery / animation, it is imperative that you have work in your portfolio to demonstrate this.


An Update From The Studios

It’s been a big year for Image Foundry Studios and we thought it was only right that we checked in finally! Moving to a new space in the centre of Manchester, opening the doors to brand new faces, working on building strong client relationships and perfecting out latest venture in VR; the Oculus Rift to be exact.