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We do what we do because it's a labour of love. It’s for the satisfaction of clients and our own personal pride. Who wants awards any way? Okay, okay we do. We love it. Who doesn't love a bit of recognition? Recognise our brilliance.


Our Awards

One of the most well­known and prestigious awards, and one of the oldest. The Emmy, the Bafta, the Royal Television Society. These awards underpin our total commitment to quality

They are a judge of originality, creative flair and execution, where many talents come together to create a winning entity. Judging is strict. They are not simply industry awards, they are closely followed by an interested and communications literate public, which is why we are doubly proud of our achievement.

Emmy Award

The title sequence for Jimmy McGovern's BBC One primetime drama 'The Street'. Inspired by David Hockney the sequence is a stylised journey through modern Manchester, its geography and ethos. Produced by us from concept to end product. Highly acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, the Programme won an Emmy.


The BAFTAs (British Film and Television Academy) have become one of the most recognisable and prestigious accolades within the film and television industry globally. This award was also won by the Jimmy McGovern drama 'The Street' for BBC One.

Royal Television Society Award

Lesser known but of equal prestige are the RTS Awards – the Royal Television Society's mark of appreciation for outstanding achievement. Formed in 1927 the RTS is the oldest television society in the world, and is awarded annually by a team of media professionals.