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Professional computer generated imagery for architecture, interiors, product shots, models, technical illustrations, TV and media.

About Image Foundry

Our cutting edge technology is a given, and is constantly updated. Our unique proposition is that we ally that technology to truly professional creativity with one unswerving aim – the enhancement of your project to achieve its aims. And we do this in many different industries.

As a major CGI supplier we have worked in architecture, advertising and marketing, gaming, TV and Film, medicine and archaeology, using 2D and 3D for illustration, animation and interaction.

Our professional team of digital visualisation artists are as at home with architectural images as they are with product visuals, with marketing presentations and walkthroughs, with graphic design – whatever your brief entails.

We have produced animations for Channel 4, ITV, BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Using the same technology currently employed by Hollywood visual effects studios, Image Foundry have been part of the teams that have won Emmy and Bafta awards.

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